BAAR – Black Agrarian Artist Residency

Foster a deeper connection between art, culture, and nature

We hope that the residency will be a catalyst for artistic growth and experimentation. The culmination of the residency is not necessarily a completed art piece but rather support of a body of work reflecting the intersection of agrarian practices, Black culture, and artistic expression.

High Hog Farm welcomes artists to a transformative experience

Our Black Agrarian Artist Residency program is open to artists ages 21 and up. Each residency extends a special welcome to Black and brown artists from diverse backgrounds, cultures, identities, regions, and nationalities, but is open to any artists seeking a closer connection to the source of their materials and the land which provides those resources.

Nestled in Gwinnett County, GA, High Hog Farm, is a diversified peri-urban fiber and natural dye farm.

The residency program at High Hog Farm provides a nurturing space for artists to develop their craft independently. Surrounded by the natural beauty of a working fiber and dye farm, artists from various disciplines, like visual arts, writing, music, and performance, can relax and create.

During the residency, artists are encouraged to find inspiration from the farm and optionally engage with local communities, sharing their expertise.

Offered three times each year: spring, summer, and fall, this exclusive program hosts one Black Agrarian  artist at a time, aligning with High Hog Farm’s mission to create a thriving hub for ancestral agrarian arts, land-based education, and regenerative growth.

Theme & Focus

Black Agrarianism. The program is designed for emerging and established artists of the African Diaspora.

Space to Create

The residency is primarily self-directed, and artists should come prepared to work independently.


High Hog Farm’s artist residency offers three individual consecutive 3-week residencies (Spring, Summer, and Autumn).


Gain more than just studio time, get opportunities for community engagement through presentations, exhibits, or displays. 

BAAR is open to artists of all ages (21 years and older)

Priority is given to Black and brown artists from diverse backgrounds and identities. All interested are encouraged to apply.

While primarily for visual artists, writers, musicians, performing artists, and interdisciplinary artists valuing cross-disciplinary collaboration are also encouraged to apply.

Applicant Commitments

  • Must be committed to being present and active for the duration of the residency cycle.
  • Must be a respectful and responsible resident.
  • Demonstrate how their work aligns with the program’s mission or themes.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Terms and conditions and a liability waiver will be required of all participants.

Expected Outcomes for Artists

Interact with Nature, Experience the Farm

The farm provides artists with a vibrant, supportive atmosphere to inspire creativity. Artists immerse themselves in a tranquil environment conducive to focused work, drawing from nature’s rich palette for expression. By residency’s end, artists creatively respond to the farm’s environment and heritage, sharing insights and experiences with the community.

Artistic Growth and Experimentation

During the residency, artists are urged to explore new artistic avenues and experiment with diverse techniques and materials, fostering personal and artistic growth. By residency completion, artists will have expanded their body of work, reflecting their exploration of agrarian practices, Black culture, and artistic expression. While a completed art piece isn’t obligatory, artworks should reflect the artist’s unique perspective and creative response to the farm’s environment and heritage.

Artist Talks and Presentations

Presentations about their work, creative process, and the impact of their experiences. These talks provide opportunities for artists to connect with the community and share their artistic journey.

The residency spans three weeks and occurs three times a year, corresponding to the seasons:

Spring: Emerging artists – (flexible dates between April – May)
Summer: Established artists – (flexible dates between June – July)
Autumn: Mature or returning artists – (flexible dates between Sep – Oct)

Accommodation and Facilities

At the Black Agrarian Artist Residency, our focus is on providing artists with comfortable and suitable living spaces. Currently our only available option is a private guest room with adjoining bath. We understand the importance of well-equipped studios, and we aim to provide not only indoor studio space, but also an outdoor work space equipped with burners and sinks.

  • Private guest room with shared bath – comfortable and private living spaces
  • Shared/open kitchen with shared daily meal and access to the pantry and snacks
  • Indoor Studio Space – a dedicated area for artists to immerse themselves in their creative process
  • Outdoor Dye Studio – Equipped with burners and sinks, ideal for textile dyeing in an inspiring outdoor settingGardens/dye gardens
  • Fiber and textile processing equipment – includes scouring and dyeing facilities, spindles and wheels, looms, and a selection of hand tools, hooks, and needles

We are committed to accommodating artists’ needs to the best of our capacity.

Artists are chosen through a careful evaluation process that considers artistic merit, originality, the practicality of proposed projects, along with their alignment with the residency’s overarching themes and mission. Preference is given to applicants focusing on environmental issues, sustainability, or agrarian arts.

Review Process: 

HHF staff will thoughtfully assemble a diverse group of jurors to review applications.

Applications are reviewed quarterly with enough advanced notice allowed for accepted applicants to make arrangements to attend. Communication is provided to all applicants,  even if not selected. During phase two of the process, applicants may be contacted for additional information, a virtual interview, or a studio visit. Each applicant must be willing to commit 4 hours towards community arts engagement.

The selection criteria prioritize the following aspects:

1. Artistic Merit and Integrity – assessment of the applicant’s work and its creative integrity.

2. Alignment with Residency Themes – the extent to which the proposed projects align with the residency’s themes and mission.

3. Commitment to Community – evaluation of the artist’s commitment to their creative genre and potential for establishing a community-based, mutually beneficial relationship with High Hog Farm and the surrounding community

4. Respect and Responsibility – the ability of the applicant to be a responsible resident during the residency period

5. Education and/or Outreach Experience – consideration of the applicant’s experience in education and outreach activities, if applicable

6. Completeness of Application – the thoroughness and completeness of the submitted application

While the program encourages self-directed work, artists may find potential avenues of support within the High Hog Farm network. The review committee is dedicated to ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation process to select artists whose work aligns with the goals and values of the Black Agrarian Artist Residency.

We will notify applicants of the final selection  date. Once the selection process is complete, HHF will publicly announce the selected artists.

Application Fee (non-refundable) – $25

Total Residency Cost – $1,365 (avg of $65/day)

We encourage interactions between artists and the local community. This could involve opportunities for residents to engage with the public through presentations, exhibits, demos, or displays which showcase the artists’ work and foster exchange.


1. Cover Letter and Project Proposal

Submit a cover letter addressing your areas of interest, expertise, and responses to the following questions:

  • What intrigues you about this opportunity?
  • What would you like to achieve during your residency in terms of learning, experimentation, and growth?
  • What are your interests and goals for this residency?
  • Additionally, include a project proposal outlining your creative intentions during the residency, particularly as relates to nature, farm environment, sustainability, and/or Black Agrarian Arts. Emphasis on social, cultural, or community-oriented themes welcome.

2. Bio and Portfolio Submission

Include a copy of your bio and portfolio by adding it to the applicant folder. Please include the following:

  • Resume highlighting educational background, exhibition record, teaching experience, awards, and collections
  • Images of artwork
  • Link to website or social media (if applicable)
  • Application fee of $25 (non-refundable)

3. References

  • Provide 2-3 personal  letters of reference

Additional Considerations

  • Review associated costs and scholarship information
  • Submit additional materials (Phase II, if contacted)
    • Criminal background check (if required).
  • Note: No phone calls, please

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