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Wool, meat, eggs, and milk from heritage breeds of sheep, rabbits, chickens, and goats, available on farm or through our online store.

Why High Hog?

 When we first settled on the name for our farm, we were dreaming big dreams, dreams we had no idea how we would achieve (hence the ‘flying pig’ ). With that, High Hog Farm was born with a a ridiculous amount of faith and a cute, tongue-in-cheek play on words. Since then we’ve grown to realize just how much ‘tlc’ this land required, and just how much more the land would pour into us in return. Ironically, we hadn’t considered how many people would assume we were a pig farm based on the name. Our farm centers around our love for herbs, our passion for natural fibers, and the joy of growing together as a family. We are rekindling an intimate connection to the land, drawing from it and one another. The way we grow and prepare our food are cultural expressions of ourselves and those we love and we are grateful that it connects us more deeply with our community. Ours is a journey of reclaiming and reconnecting with ancestral wisdom and skills. Our name is a reminder and a guide and it contains within it limitless hope. We hope it inspire you as it has us… food, fiber, and dreams included!

 Welcome to High Hog Farm. We’re glad you’re here!

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Creating a thriving hub for multicultural and ancestral agrarian arts, land-based education, and regenerative growth. Cultivating goodwill and understanding between people across difference through education, hospitality, and play.


To operate a sustainable family farm, providing local communities and those most vulnerable, with quality food, food-based education, and support for an equitable food system.

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