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Locally grown and sustainably sourced natural dye kits

Unlock the art of sustainable dyeing with High Hog Farm's Natural Dye Kits, designed for both cellulose and protein fibers. Using some of our favorite dye recipes, each kit offers extended use, allowing multiple dips before the bath becomes exhausted, producing a range of beautiful, dimensional shades. Delight fiber enthusiasts with our eco-conscious, recyclable kits, complete with comprehensive written and digital (online) instructions for effortless dyeing experiences. Every kit includes an aftercare card, ensuring lasting brilliance for your dyed creations. Perfect for gifting the joy of nature's coloring box!
  • Marigold Cellulose Shibori Dye Kit

    High Hog Farm's Marigold Shibori Dye Kit: Infuse Nature into Your Creations! Discover the world of natural dyeing with our Marigold Shibori Dye Kit, featuring marigolds grown on High Hog Farm. Unleash your creativity using the traditional Japanese shibori tie-dye technique, enhanced by the vibrant hues of yellow, gold, and olive derived from marigold petals. What's Inside: - Homegrown Marigold Flowers for a Shades-of-Yellow Experience - Mordants for Exceptional Color Binding and Modification - Shibori-Ready Materials for Your Unique Resists - Access to Downloadable Digital Instructions, including: Making a Dye Bath Using Alum and Cream of Tartar as a Mordant Using modifiers to shift pH and alter colors Simple resist techniques for fun patterns and results Whether you're an experienced artisan or a budding creative spirit, our kit offers an accessible entry into Shibori dyeing. Unleash your imagination, infuse warm marigold hues into your fabrics, and experience the joy of crafting with nature's palette. How to Get Yours: Order your Marigold Shibori Dye Kit conveniently online or join us for an inspiring on-farm workshop. High Hog Farm welcomes you to embark on a colorful journey of self-expression through natural dyeing.
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