bsfc mission

We champion collaboration, creativity, innovation, and sustainability, honoring the legacies of diasporic and ancestral textiles.

collective vision

We see a world where Black agrarian arts thrive, supported by a diverse and inclusive community. BSFC is an agrarian arts space where members exchange ancestral knowledge and cultivate traditional practices. Our goal is to become a vibrant hub for multicultural agrarian arts and land-based education.

Rooted in Black Agrarian Arts and connected to the land

 Black Sheep Fiber Circle (BSFC) is a maker-style fiber arts collective and community gathering space hosted by High Hog Farm. Collectively, we work to inspire this and future generations of Black fiber artists to explore and preserve the legacy of Black Agrarian Arts culture. Within it, our work embodies principles of freedom, pride, and belonging rooted in our agricultural heritage. We incorporate elements of spirituality, romance, and reciprocity into our work – mirroring the diverse tapestry of our culture and identity.

A structured yet flexible atmosphere that promotes creativity, learning, and engagement

Black Sheep Fiber Circle (BSFC) is grounded in our farm’s guiding principles and community values.  Our commitment to sustainability, dedication to experimentation, and the sharing of knowledge form the cornerstone of our endeavors. Central to our ethos is the reclamation of autonomy, resilience, and empowerment through practical skill building and creative expression. The fellowship forged through fiber arts strengthens cultural bonds while bolstering economic and social ones too. Our creative endeavors weave modern narratives that celebrate the wisdom and craftsmanship of everyday artisans and ancestral seedkeepers, while paying homage to the rich heritage that guides us as individuals and as a collective.

Co-learning Collaboration and Community

Encourage members to collaborate on projects, share skills, and support each other’s artistic growth. Share inexperienced spinners and artisans, designed to improve your spinning skills and enhance your creative process.


Commit to environmentally friendly practices like upcycling, recycling, and circularity to promote a renewable and regenerative economy.

Ownership and Participation

Encourage members to take ownership of the group by actively participating, sharing ideas, and bringing friends to meetings Provide a platform for local artisans to sell their work, especially those affected by economic or social challenges.

Centering Black, brown, and indigenous fiber arts

Member Guidelines

Membership in our fiber circle is open to all fiber artists and enthusiasts, no matter their skill level. We embrace those who share our love for creativity and community. Members are encouraged to actively participate in group activities and contribute ideas to enrich our collective experience.

Membership is by invitation only, and collective decision-making for annual projects and group activities is fundamental to our program.

We operate as a collective of individual artists, both working independently and collaboratively. Use of the collective’s name and brand is standard for all group projects and is also encouraged for individual endeavors with prior permission. Proceeds from shared activities support our collective budget and future projects.

Seasonal Schedule


We gather at High Hog Farm, twice each month, between February and November, adjusting for special events. Members will be added to our group calendar.


We follow a seasonal activity calendar but keep room for impromptu trips, community events, and holiday gatherings.

Dues & Enrollment

Due to limited capacity, membership is by invitation only. Open enrollment is held annually each spring. 

$10/month, plus an annual $100 registration and supply fee. Additional costs may arise for materials or travel.

  • Membership dues are structured to ensure accessibility while supporting the sustainability of our program
  • Fees will cover the majority of our group projects and collective endeavors. We understand that financial barriers may prevent some individuals from joining. Please reach out and communicate with us, if circumstances change or a the need arises.

We are working on establishing member discounts with local yarn, arts and craft, and fiber stores to support members’ fiber and dye interests.

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