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Wooly Loofah Sponges


This upcycled twin pack of sponges is made from 100% wool with a section of loofah attached on the scrubby side. This is a sustainable, petroleum-free alternative to the plastic sponge.

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Loofahs are nature's gentle scrubbers and wool is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. The sponges are great for use on the body, gentle enough for your skin. They can also be used on countertops or dishware that require non-abrasive cleaning, like cast iron, glassware, or finer dining-ware. Wool micro-fibers easily clean without harboring harmful bacteria and fungi. The sponge is long-lasting and can be laundered in warm water, or run with a load in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Dimensions: Each tapered sponge is approximately 7" x 4"

Care Instructions: Rinse between uses and air dry. Periodic machine washing on a gentle recommended. Machine Wash (warm/cold). Lay flat to dry (best). Can be dried on low heat (not recommended) but additional felting may occur. Minimal additional felting will occur through product usage. At the end of its life, the sponge can put directly into your compost pile. This is an upcycled material so color may vary. Sponges will be shipped flat for less expensive shipping costs.


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