2024 Indigo Grow-Along


Sign up between now and the end of April and join me, as we head into another exciting seed-to-dye journey! Receive a mini kit containing Japanese indigo (persicaria tinctoria) seeds, basic how-to instructions, and access to a vibrant community of growers. Led by Keisha, our virtual support includes expert tips and insights to guide you as you start your dye garden.

Explore the magic of indigo cultivation, ideal for temperate climates (USDA growing 5-11 zones), and discover its unique properties. Whether on your pot, patio, or garden, delve into fresh leaf dyeing and vat-building techniques. From fiber to textiles, create stunning blues and showcase your handmade masterpieces! Join us on this colorful adventure today!

Note: A complimentary copy of our Companion Guide to Growing Japanese Indigo is included in your membership.

Be sure to add your email to our member list for exclusive Grow-Along updates.

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