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100% Opal Angora Fluff – Nelson


Angora rabbit fluff is recognized as a luxury fiber. It is both lightweight, warm, and incredibly soft. It is 8% warmer and more insulating than wool which makes it suitable for use on its own but ideal for blending; a little goes a long way.

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1oz. prime, clipped French Angora fluff. Color - opal. 5-1/2" staple.
Pricing ranges between $12 - $18 per ounce based on type (clipped or plucked). Our lines of French angoras will shed naturally but not always as regularly as we'd like, so while plucking is a great alternative to clipping, it is not always ideal for the rabbit or the handler, especially in the hottest months in our climate. Angora is most frequently spun from the cloud, however it is well suited to combing, carding, and blending, so we do our best to arrange and package clipped fibers in the same direction, for the convenience and flexibility of the hand spinner. We also process the majority of our fluff outdoors, so sometimes a breeze can disrupt the orderliness of the fibers. We take that into account in our pricing. Nevertheless, all of our bunnies and their fiber are handled with love and care!


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