Food. Fiber. Culture & Community

Diary of a Farm Virgin is a bi-weekly-published podcast community centering around a Black family and their peri-urban farming journey, as they relearn their connection to the land — and one another — in the “Now South.” Keisha Cameron of High Hog Farm, and frequent co-host Whitney Jaye of Semente Farm explore the intersections of Black and Indigenous food history and heritage, and agrarian art and lifeways, all while cultivating food, fiber, culture and community.

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Creating a thriving hub for ancestral agrarian arts, land-based education, and regenerative growth. Cultivating goodwill and understanding between people across difference through education, hospitality, and play.


To steward and sustain an evolving agroecosystem, providing local communities with quality food, food-based education, and support for an equitable food system.

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